Vintage Clothing Route through the Barcelona Born district with Marta Vives


Last saturday 17th of january, Coffewoman went for a Vintage Clothing trip in the neighborhood of Born in the center of Barcelona, accompanied by Marta Vives, personal shopper and image consultant. It is the second time that Coffeewoman has gone on a shopping trip with Marta. On this ocassion we went to some shops where we could see some original and creative designs by designers, Made in Barcelona.

We visited the following shops:

.Efecto limón: where we saw a very original design made with zippers, designed by the musician William Vives and her wife Paqui Cotea, who you can find in the shop.

. Cuirum: a recent opening shop, where we find products made with leather, as bags, purses and others accessories for both men and women. Noteworthy that in Cuirum, they make «customs belts», personalized for each costumer.

. Miriam Ponsa: designer of casual clothes and very smart for both men and women, it is noteworthy that Miriam was released at the Fashion Week Fair of Barcelona 080, where she won the prize to the «Best Collection», last July 2014.

. Biu: designs dedicated to the woman today, confortable and smart, we find as a «Star product» wood coats, with convertible cowl neck. Giving it a touch of originality. The designs are by Bartomeu and Uribe, Barcelona’s designers.

.Le Swing: specializing in clothing store of «second hand Vintage», where we can find designs of some original suit jacket by Coco Chanel, very smart clothes with lot of glamour, in addition to a wide collection of a big Vintage glasses assortment and other accessories.

. Montse Liarte: designer makes clothes tailored to the client, include their wedding dresses. In the shop we are lucky to find it Montse in person who can serve us, which gives a bonus to this shop, to have their own designer clothes, which can advise us on what clothes fit us better.

The clothing shop at the same store, Montse Liarte clothes are designs of clothing and accessories Vintage, very elegant and with lot of glamour.

. Loisada: clothing sthore and gallery of furniture, clocks, jewelry of second hand. Note that in Loisada we can find CDs with original music by artists such Celia Cruz, Swing music, etc… All this music has been recovered from the first original recording was done, they produce the same shop Loisada. y

. Ojalá!: clothing store of the designer Paloma del Pozo, where we find clothes for women, which stands out as very colorful and with a touch of Moroccan style collars and designing forms dresses.

And in Ojalá! it is where we end this route Vintage Fashion and Marta invite us to a glass of cava!!!

I want to personally thank Elisabeth, Maria José and Ainhoa, who where my companions route for their friendliness and helpfulness. And of course, Marta Vives, to make us enjoy all the shops we visited and would also like to highlight the friendliness of the clercks and designers who looked after us during the route. Thanks to all!!!


3 marzo, 2022

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